This is a modest beginning of a movement to put education in general, and teacher education in particular, on right tracks. Many of you know that after the establishment of National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), the quality of teacher education started to slide down at a terrible pace. NCTE became a National Centre for Rampant Corruption (NCAC). The Colleges of Education started in this country were owned by politicians or their cronies or businessmen. Unfortunately, NCTE, Universities or state governments did not bother as to the fate of teacher education.

These colleges were no more than the shops in the education market. Needless to say, managements of these colleges of education in India (barring a few), minted money and they still are doing it. Students were encouraged not to attend the classes by paying some extra money. Teachers were not appointed. Many colleges were running on papers alone. Money changed hands and the management people became rich. Even the parents encouraged their wards not to go to the college.

You may very well understand the type of teachers that our Teacher Education is producing. Many of the B.Ed. pass teachers never went to the College, never completed practice teaching. They just appeared in the examination. Such teachers, who have no principles, no values, no sincerity of purpose, etc. have been forced upon the education of this country. What are these poor fellows going to give to their students, is anybody’s guess.

This is very brief background. To sum up, all concerned with teacher education in India are still interested in making money.

Now my request to all the friends is to pass on this simple message to one and all.

1. Let the parents understand that by encouraging their sons and daughters not to attend the college, they are harming their personality. One day they will repent when they will find that no one respects them.

2. The college managements must also stop this no-attendance policy. They should encourage the students to come to the college and work hard.

3. The universities should watch the working of the colleges of education and de-affiliate all such colleges which do not follow norms.

4. State governments ought to check the working of the colleges and take the managements to task for any lapse.

5. NCTE should be closed down and the job should be handed over to UGC. Officials involved in corruption in these regulatory bodies must be punished immediately and sent to jail.

6. General public should rise to the occasion and see to it that the colleges perform their functions honestly.

7. More suggestions later on.

Kindly pass on this message to as many as possible with your own remarks and comments. It is high time that public opinion is generated to set the matter right.